James Bond film ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ is being adapted into a TV series

James Bond films are known for being a series of interconnected stories and the new TV series is no different.In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter, James Bond star Daniel Craig is discussing the upcoming Bond film The Man Who Stole Christmas and the upcoming television series, The Man with the Golden Gun.The show […]

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HARRY Styles: ‘It’s been like a roller coaster’

HARRY PISTONS is getting ready to go for a break.But the one-time superstar has not had much time to take stock of the impact of the latest episode of “The Interview” he co-wrote with the late Steve Jobs.In the latest issue of Penthouse magazine, Styles reveals he was so distraught that he quit his job […]

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Watch: The Best Of AR10 Magazine – Issue 2

This is the third installment of National Geographic’s AR10 magazine subscription service.It contains the most current news, opinion and best-selling items.Each month, the magazine offers a wide variety of AR10 content to read and enjoy, ranging from the latest news to the best-sellers.For more information on National Geographic, please visit: www.nuggetmag.com.Follow National Geographic on Twitter […]

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When does your mom start telling you to shut up and get on with your life?

Slate Magazine has a new cover story, “How to Be a Better Parent.”In it, Slate contributor Sarah Erskine shares some helpful tips to help you keep your kids safe and happy while also staying connected to your family and your community.The piece comes at a critical time for parents and their children.Parents and children are […]

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Rolling Stone magazine announces that they’re moving to a new home

The publisher of Rolling Stone, Rolling Stone Magazine, and The Village Voice announced on Thursday that they will move their headquarters from Manhattan to the small town of Pompano Beach, Florida.The news came just days after the publication announced that it was parting ways with editor and publisher Jason Whitlock, who had been in the […]

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Which of the four-legged animals is the most majestic?

The word majestic is often used interchangeably with “empress”, but when describing the four legged animal it is best to use the more accurate word “emperors”.The four leggers are the largest members of the genus Apatosaurus and are believed to be the largest living reptiles.They were found on the island of Madagascar in 1846 and […]

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