Beach bum with ‘bald’ face ‘tried to kill her’ after ‘stalked’ woman

BALTIMORE — A Maryland woman whose face is covered in tattoos is suing her boyfriend for trying to kill herself after she complained about his attention to her online profile.

“She was upset and worried about her online relationship,” said her attorney, Laura Foy.

“Her online relationship had turned into a stalking relationship.”

In February, the woman was on a beach in Maryland with her boyfriend, who was on vacation in the country.

They met on the beach and went for a walk.

Foy said the woman began to notice him following her around.

She said he began to get very aggressive toward her, yelling and shouting at her.

The next day, Foy says, the couple returned to their car and saw a tattoo on his forearm.

“The tattoo was not on his arm, but the back of his forearm,” she said.

“It was a tattoo of a dog.”

Foy added that the tattoo was in the shape of a bald eagle.

She filed a police report, but when she tried to contact her boyfriend to complain, he didn’t return her calls.

When Foy tried to reach him by phone, she says he texted her a friend, but didn’t respond to messages left on his phone.

On March 15, the next day the woman came to her home to tell Foy that her boyfriend had been stalking her online.

She told Foy she wanted to sue him, but his attorney declined.

She also said she had a history of depression and anxiety.

Foys attorney told the court that the woman’s boyfriend had posted a picture of himself on Facebook with his dog, and she posted that picture to his profile.

She was shocked when he replied to her with, “I don’t care, you’re a bad person,” and sent her text messages saying, “How dare you call me a bad woman.”

Foys lawyer says he doesn’t think that’s true.

Fears that he may be a serial killer and stalking his girlfriend are “based on nothing,” Foy told reporters outside court.

“There are no tattoos on her body,” she added.

“What’s on her is a tattoo, and I don’t think she has a tattoo.

She is just a person with a tattoo.”

The Maryland court heard that the couple had been together for about four months before the stalking began.

Fights ensued between Foy and her boyfriend.

Fay said the man tried to strangle her, but she kicked him in the head.

He fell to the ground, and Foy grabbed his neck and held him while Foy screamed.

She later told police that she grabbed a gun and started to shoot him.

Fodd said she believes Foy may have fired a shot to prevent him from being able to kill himself.

Foya told police he was going to call police, but never called.

Fays attorney said he believes the woman may have been suicidal because she didn’t feel like she had anything left to lose.

Fats attorney said Foy was distraught over the stalking and thought the boyfriend was trying to force her into a relationship, not kill her.

“He just didn’t get it,” Fodd told reporters.

“When you’ve been together as long as he did, he wasn’t a person who was going out of his way to kill anyone.

He didn’t go out of the way to make her kill herself.

She wasn’t going to kill him.”

Fays lawyer said Foys mental health is currently at risk and he was concerned about his client’s mental health.

“I think the court was looking at the record, and he didn.

He was going for the most severe outcome possible,” he said.

The case is scheduled to go to trial in October.

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