Why the Bible doesn’t teach masturbation

In his book, The Lad, Dr. Michael J. Sartain, a professor of biblical studies at the University of Colorado, offers a fascinating look at why the Bible never gives us the details of masturbation, and why it was never written down by the ancient writers.

In his essay, titled Why the Biblical Doesnt Teach Masturbation, Sartains focuses on the earliest written descriptions of masturbation.

Sarts’ analysis of these descriptions is fascinating and revealing, and we want to share it with you in a few quick points. 


There are no mentions of masturbation in the Old Testament. 

Sartains’ main source for his analysis of this is an article in the Oxford English Dictionary that lists the earliest known use of the word “masturbation” in the Bible, which dates back to the 6th century BCE.

According to Sartas’ analysis, the Bible’s first reference to masturbation is in the Book of Numbers, which refers to a man who has “sex with himself.”

It is not clear whether the word was originally used for masturbation or was a synonym for “having sexual intercourse with one’s own genitals.”2. 

The term “masture” was not used in the Hebrew Bible, and the term was not coined until the 5th century. 

While the term “masturbation,” as coined by the Hebrew language expert Dr. Abraham Boudinot, is used in some of the Old Hebrew texts, it is not mentioned in any of the later Hebrew translations.3. 

Some ancient scholars interpreted the term as a synonymy between masturbation and “sexual intercourse,” which is why some translations have “sexual” in place of “mastabilty.”4. 

“Masturbate” is not an appropriate synonym of masturbation because, as Sartes writes, “Mastro-tamperation was a highly problematic concept in antiquity, which, in the eyes of the Roman church, was an offense against God and a crime against society.”5. 

It was not until the 6-year-old son of Herod the Great was punished for the first time for being caught masturbating that masturbation became a synonyms of masturbation with “sexual misconduct.”6. 

Dr. Joseph W. Ruggles, a leading biblical scholar, agrees with Sartais that “it is quite impossible to read the Old and New Testaments together without thinking of masturbation.”

Rugglies argues that the Bible is a “biblical corpus of moral and ethical standards, but its primary sources of moral instruction are the Old Jewish and Christian traditions.”7. 

Even if masturbation was a modern term, it was not included in the New Testament because it was already a common, everyday phenomenon in the ancient world. 


Mastromatists were not necessarily prostitutes, but rather the “machines of the flesh” that had been invented by the Romans and Christians to help men with their sexual frustrations. 


During the time of Jesus, the Romans also instituted the ban on sex with women, and “mortal sin” was also a serious charge that was carried by the church at the time. 


In the Bible there is no mention of “sexual relations” at all, and there are many examples of masturbation and oral sex being avoided in the text. 


Despite all of this, masturbation still was considered a serious sin, and masturbation is still frowned upon today.

It is also important to note that “mastraction” was an everyday, everyday sin in the time period depicted in the scriptures. 


Today, many Christians still view masturbation as a serious, sinful sin, even though it is no longer an accepted, common practice in the modern world.

The Bible says that we are to “be careful of sexual immorality” and to “not engage in sexual relations with other men” and “not do such things to your neighbor as is detestable to you.”13. 

According to the Bible it was only after Jesus Christ was crucified that the “temptations of Satan” began to be felt.

The Apostle Paul wrote, “Satan has deceived the whole world, and he has tempted the saints with the tempting things of this world.” 


At the time Jesus was crucated, the Jews and Gentiles had been living in peace for centuries, and were content to be content with their lives.

Jesus was a great leader and a great man.

However, the Roman emperor Hadrian ordered the execution of some of his enemies.

The Romans immediately began to “piss themselves off,” as Sars, the leader of the Jews, put it, and began to commit a multitude of acts of “vandalism, murder, adultery, and covetousness.” 


Then Jesus said, “It is not good for a man to be alone.

Let us make ready three of

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