Why Bill Gates is obsessed with the magic of online video

A decade ago, Gates started to use his time to create what became one of the biggest companies of all time.

His vision: to be able to create software and software products that would be as ubiquitous as the internet itself.

He did that, he said, by building a team that was willing to take on difficult tasks, like creating the first version of the iPhone.

But in the process, he also became fascinated with what he saw as the power of video.

As the founder of Microsoft, he had a keen understanding of how powerful the medium could be.

He wanted to harness that power.

The problem was that he had no idea how to create video for it.

The world was so new, Gates thought, that it was impossible to understand how he could get it right.

In 2010, he started creating his own video tool called the Video Toolkit.

In a video that ran for three months in 2010, Gates showed how he created an app that would let people share and stream video from their devices, as well as a program that would allow people to edit and share their videos with their friends.

The app would also let users create their own video content and share it with their audience.

Gates was so excited that he decided to create a new company called Microsoft Video.

He thought he could bring together a group of like-minded engineers and designers, and build something that could take over the world.

That vision was eventually realized in 2012, when Microsoft launched the Windows Phone.

It was the company’s first attempt at bringing the internet to the mobile devices that it had long championed.

Since then, the company has released more than 200 different versions of the Windows phone, the Windows 8 mobile operating system, and more than 20,000 apps.

The company has also launched a number of mobile games that were released through the Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade, and the Microsoft Store.

But its first foray into the mobile space was a mistake.

The mobile world was a different beast, and Microsoft’s initial approach was flawed.

Gates realized that he needed to create something that would enable the internet’s power to be shared across a large, diverse audience, and he set out to do just that.

After all, he wanted the tools that he’d built to make that happen.

“We wanted to be in the business of connecting the world,” Gates said.

He also wanted to create an open, accessible, and powerful video experience for people around the world, something that he called “video magic.”

In the beginning, Gates had a rough idea about how to do this.

“I was going to build something on a PC,” Gates told me.

“But that just didn’t seem to be possible.

So I thought, ‘I should just build a video app.’

And it turned out I could.”

Gates spent most of his time working on a small project in the company that he wanted to sell, and then spent months creating video tools for other teams to build.

The first app he created was called “Video Magic.”

He called it “video gold.”

Gates was able to quickly get his ideas down to a working prototype, and by the time he got to his first version, he was ready to launch it.

“Video magic” is not a product, but a toolkit, and it was the first product that Microsoft released for the company.

“The reason it took so long to get this product is because it was just a small, very, very early version,” Gates explained.

The version of video magic that Microsoft built has become an iconic image of the company and its mission.

But even as the company is releasing more and more of its products, it has also been slow to create the products that it hopes to sell.

Microsoft has struggled to make a lot of money.

Since Gates launched the Video Magic app in 2010 (the first version came out in 2011), Microsoft has lost $100 million.

That was mostly because of a series of missteps, including the release of Windows Phone 7 in 2012 and the launch of the Xbox One in 2013, which had a poor user experience.

Gates also has struggled with his image, and while he is known for making people feel good about Microsoft and his products, the image of a CEO who is a perfectionist has often made him a target for criticism.

But the company, which is owned by Microsoft, is also well-known for making mistakes.

It is still the biggest tech company in the world and has a reputation for being a leader.

And while it’s clear that Microsoft has been a leader for a long time, it’s not a mistake that Gates is making.

Gates, like other CEOs of the past, has come to believe that the way to create great software is to make it easy for people to use.

The video toolkit and other products that Gates created as part of the Video Wizard project were the first steps in building a tool that made it easy to create powerful, interactive,

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