What tattoos are tattoo artists up to in 2017?

Tattoo magazine has a list of some of the tattoo artists that are working to make a difference in 2017, and one of the highlights is a list that’s being put together by a group of tattoo artists from around the world.

In addition to the top tattoo artists in the US, the list features a couple from Europe, the UK, Australia, and a couple of other countries.

Here’s what they’re up to:Tattoo artist, Lina Almeida, has been working on her tattoo project for the past two years.

Almeid says that while the art and the craft are important, she’s particularly drawn to the collaborative aspect of tattooing.

“I love collaborating with others to make something that is so unique and special, and that’s why I’m starting my project in 2017,” Almeido told The Verge.

“I want to create a space for people to be creative, to be their own best artists, to collaborate with other people.”

Almeida also said that she is currently working on a series of tattoo designs that will be featured on a new book of illustrations and art from a group that she hopes will become a trend in the industry.

The book, titled Tinted Glass: A Tattoo Book of Contemporary Tattoo Art, is slated for release this fall.

Tattoos that were originally commissioned by a client but have since been stolen, are a common problem, Almeidan says.

The tattoo artists on the list want to make sure that the stolen artwork is taken care of.

“It’s very important that people are aware that this kind of theft occurs,” AlMeida said.

“This happens in every industry, and there is no reason to think that the artists should be blamed for the fact that the artist is not taking care of these things.”

In the future, I want to be able to see that this is the result of the people who have stolen the artwork, not the person who has stolen the art.

“The Tattoo Magazine’s list also includes a few tattoo artists who specialize in tattoos and have recently begun doing so.

They include a pair from Brazil, and another from Spain, who also happens to be a tattoo artist.

The list has been compiled by a list editor at Tattoomagazine.com, who is known for his ability to quickly pick out the best and the most interesting artists in a range of genres.

He said he and his colleagues were motivated to compile the list after seeing a lot of the work done by tattoo artists around the globe.”

We wanted to see if we could do something to help make the world a better place and we were excited to see what we could find,” he told The Washington Post.”

There are a lot more artists out there that are doing some really interesting work and some really creative and unique things than we’ve ever seen before.

“The artists on this list have worked on some of their best work since the early 2000s, and the list shows that there are some very unique artists working in the tattoo industry.

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