Why are women so bad at reading?

I’ve had an obsession with reading.

My mum, who is a big reader, always told me she loved reading.

Now, as a writer, I can’t help it.

My first few books have all had female authors, but there are still a lot of male authors.

But, I’ve also seen it happening in my own life, in my professional life, and in the way women and men read.

“When I was younger, my mum told me that the only way to become a great writer was to read as much as you could.

And I did.

It taught me to write.

So I read all the time, just to be sure I was learning something.”

My mum said that if you don’t have the discipline to read every day, you’ll get a bad start.

I’m not a huge reader myself.

I’m actually not really a reader at all.

I’ve never had a real interest in reading.

I mean, I read books, but I didn’t really care about the subject.

It’s just been about sitting there and doing nothing.

When I’m older, I have read a lot more books.

I can read more and more, because I think I have more to offer as a human being than just my books.

So, I want to learn to read and I want more books to help me get to that level.

I have two things in particular I want people to understand: firstly, it’s not about finding the right book for you.

It isn’t about trying to learn how to read a certain way, you can learn it on your own.

It really is about having the discipline and the drive to read.

Secondly, I’m interested in what makes you good at reading.

That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think about what makes a good reader.

The other thing that came to mind was: I’m a writer.

I want books that I can look back on, and I’m curious what makes them great.

And that’s why I love the Women’s World magazine.

I love reading the articles and what they’ve said about books.

It makes me want to go out and read and have fun.

So, I guess I’m starting to think that, yes, it does help if I read more.

I read a few more books, and that’s a great sign that I’ve learned something.

But there’s another reason why I enjoy reading more.

It gives me a sense of self-worth.

Women’s World has a special place in my heart because I read it.

What makes me read?

I read to fill a void.

It was always there.

My dad used to tell me: if you’ve never read a book before, you should start reading it.

But I think it’s just something you have to have.

It could be anything, it could be books that you love.

I like reading about books that people have written.

I prefer reading about people’s lives.

I don’t really have an opinion about books, I just like to read about books and I like people to talk about books with me.

I just read.

It helps me to know the stories of people.

That’s what makes me happy.

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