How you can tell if the new Nike ad for ‘The Last of Us’ is legit or a hoax

It’s one of the great sports advertising tricks, the ad that shows you a photo of yourself with your favorite athlete and then the words “A new ad for The Last of We” in big block letters.

If it’s legit, the message could be a message that the game’s new game mode will give players a chance to play without killing themselves.

Or it could be the game itself, which will have a new gameplay mechanic that will require players to play with their head held high.

Or perhaps it’s just a random piece of random advertising, designed to look like a new ad and then not quite work.

What’s really up in the air is which is it?

Let’s take a look.1.

It’s a fake article The ad has a picture of an athlete, wearing a helmet with a message on it.

It has an image of a person holding an arm in the shape of a ‘N’.

But there’s no way to tell if it’s a real photo of an actual athlete.

If you’ve ever seen an ad for an ad, the image will probably look like it’s from a previous ad.

The Nike ad has no way of knowing that.

But if it was from the game, there’s little that could be done about it.

The game’s design team can’t make it look like the original image is actually the game.2.

It was the game It’s possible that the ad is a fake because the game is still in development.

There’s a chance that the ads are from a different game.

Or that they were actually written by the game developers themselves.

In any case, if it is a genuine ad, it’s the game that created it, not the ad agency that put it on the air.3.

It wasn’t made by the same team that put the game on air It’s impossible to tell, because there are no other clues.

The ad’s name is the same as the game title.

And the title of the game also has the word “The Last” in the middle of it.

But the game looks completely different.

Its logo is in a different color than the other games’ logos.

And, for some reason, its game over screen isn’t the same.4.

The spot was released weeks after the game was supposed to be released It would be interesting to know whether the spot was the only one that was released before the game came out, or if other spots were released months after the original game was released.

Or if the spot itself was also the game when it was released, as some players seem to think.

Either way, there would have to be a clear timeline that shows when it happened.5.

It didn’t appear in any ads or other online content The spot itself didn’t make the cut in any online advertising, but a lot of other online advertisements from the ad company showed it, including one from a new Nike shoe.

It might have been on another ad, or it might have appeared in a post about the game from another ad company.

There were also plenty of videos that showed it in some online posts.

The only online content that mentioned it was in a Reddit thread about it that included a photo and a message from the spot’s creator, who said it was his “favorite ad I ever wrote.”6.

It could have been a real ad, but it didn’t work This one is pretty much impossible to prove.

The photo that was used in the spot is fake, and the person holding the head in the “N” shape is wearing an unbranded Nike shoe, which is the only possible way that the image could be from a real athlete.

The real image of the player in the photo is probably a person that was wearing an Adidas or Adidas-branded shoe before they were playing the game in that spot.

And even if the real athlete did wear a Nike shoe before playing, that person might not have had a head in that shape.

The original ad had a clear message that players would have a chance at playing the new game without killing their head, which would explain the different look and the message in the ad.7.

It looks like an ad that’s meant to sell shoesBut if you’ve seen any of the ads for the game so far, you’d have seen the ad for the Nike shoe a lot.

And it looks like that ad is meant to be an ad promoting Nike sneakers, not a real Nike shoe ad.

That’s not to say that the shoes aren’t Nike shoes, but that they’re just meant to promote Nike shoes.

It would make sense to show off the brand and the shoes with an ad like this.

If they’re meant to work as a real, Nike-branded sneaker, they should at least look that way.8.

The player in that ad has an injury The spot isn’t an actual injury that the player has suffered, but the

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