Which motorcycle models will you buy in 2018?

Motorcycle magazine glamour, TV guide magazine and motorbike magazine have revealed their favourite 2018 models to date.

Glamour, which has been a regular contributor to the site since it was launched in 2010, have been looking to update their popular series to reflect the changing nature of the motorcycle industry and the way in which people travel.

“The most popular model of the year so far has been the Honda CBR1000RR, which is an exciting addition to our new CBR series,” said a spokeswoman for glamour.

“With the introduction of the new CBX model, we have been able to introduce a more modern and streamlined design to the line, with more aggressive styling and new engine choices.”TV guide, which also has been running on glamour for years, have said they are happy with the new Honda CBX-R model.

“We’ve been looking forward to seeing how Honda’s new CB1000RR will be received by the fans and the public alike,” a spokeswoman said.

“It’s a fantastic bike that’s also an exciting new addition to the CBR line-up, and we can’t wait to get on the road with it.”

Motorcycle magazine, which started as a motorcycle magazine in the 1970s and has covered the industry for the past 20 years, also have a different take on the latest model, saying it is “an impressive, modern and powerful motorcycle.”

“The 2017 Honda CB900RR, a true benchmark in the world of sporty sport bikes, was our first look at the 2017 CBX,” said the spokeswoman.

“Since then we’ve had our eyes on the 2017 Honda CR-V and have been eagerly awaiting the new 2017 Honda RC100R.”

Our favourite 2017 Honda models include the new Triumph Daytona 500, Honda CB1000 and Kawasaki Ninja 500.

“All these bikes have been designed with sport in mind and that’s why we’re excited about this new model.”

Motorbike magazine said the Honda CRX-Rs new bike is “exceptionally well-built, sporty and capable”.

“It features a sporty frame with the highest level of technology in the sportbike industry,” it said.

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