What to Watch for in the First Half of 2018: The Top 20 New Shows from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Hulu Plus, and YouTube

The 2017-2018 television season was one for the books, and the best shows from Netflix and Hulu have already been released, with Netflix launching a new Netflix Original series in October.

Hulu has launched several original series over the past couple of years, and Amazon is also making its way into the genre with a new series from writer/director Michael De Luca.

Hulu’s first original series, “The Lighthouse,” is a four-part series that follows the adventures of a former marine who was stranded on a remote island when his boat was struck by a whale, resulting in the death of his wife and children.

Hulu and Amazon’s original series “The Muppets,” based on the Muppeteers classic animated series, are both set to debut later this year.

Hulu, meanwhile, has a brand new animated series called “Futurama,” based off the popular comic book, set to premiere in 2017.

Netflix’s original shows are also making their way to streaming platforms in 2017, including “House of Cards,” “The Defenders,” “Luke Cage,” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

The top 20 shows from each streaming service will air on this week’s “Bravo TV Guide” podcast.

Here are the shows Netflix and Amazon have already released, as well as the full list of shows that are streaming on Hulu, HuluPlus, and Netflix.

The best shows coming out of Netflix, including the new Netflix originals:Netflix is a streaming service that brings a variety of original series and original series based on movies and TV shows, including:”Bastards” (2017)The Laconia (2017)*”Futursy” (2018)*”The Muppet Show” (2005)*”Muppet Tales” (2006)*”Puppeteer” (2009)*”Roots” (2011)*”Scream Queens” (2014)*”Superman Returns” (2015)*”Stranger Things” (2016)*”Twin Peaks: The Return” (2019)*”Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” (2020)*”Youth” (2021)*”Zero Dark Thirty” (2100)*”Star Trek: Discovery” (2160)*”Tucker & Dale vs. Evil” (2220)*”Westworld” (2300)*Netflix is also offering an original series called, which follows the lives of two teenage boys, Tucker and Dale, who are in a high school chemistry program.

Netflix also has several original TV shows from creators and/or writers, including, “Orange Is the New Black,””Better Call Saul,” “American Gods,” and”The Good Wife.”

Hulu has also released original series from writers/producers including, Jeff Lemire, Joe Keery, and Jeph Loeb, and from actors and actresses, including”Margo Martindale,” “Aubrey Plaza,” “Kate Beckinsale,” and more.

Netflix is bringing a new show called “Unbreakables,” based upon the hit Netflix series, to Hulu, and Hulu has a new, original series that is set in a dystopian future where a group of teens are thrown together.

Netflix’s second original series is “House Hunters,” which follows three young girls as they go to school, and is set to premier in early 2018.

Hulu also has a series from producer Michael DeLuca, “Milo & Kate,” which is set up to debut in the fall.

Netflix has a slew of new original shows, such as “The Crown,” “I, Tonya,” “Doubt,” and the upcoming “Arrested Development.”

Hulu’s new series is called “The Office,” and is the latest entry in the hit show.

Hulu is also releasing two series from executive producers, Peter Berg and Michael Deacon.

Netflix recently announced the launch of “Househunters,” which centers on three teenage girls who live on the streets of a small, New England town who are forced to compete for their own survival when they find themselves in an exclusive club.

Hulu recently unveiled “Crazy Rich Asians,” which focuses on the life of the Asian family who have a child with the wealth of a wealthy American.

Hulu will also be releasing two new shows in 2018, “Citizenfour,” based from the blockbuster documentary, and “The Killing” based on Robert Greenwald’s new book, about the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Netflix has also launched “Criminal Minds,” which will be its first original show.

Netflix also recently launched a new comedy series, the first from “Happy Endings,” which stars Kevin Hart, J.K. Simmons, and Will Arnett.

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