When does your mom start telling you to shut up and get on with your life?

Slate Magazine has a new cover story, “How to Be a Better Parent.”

In it, Slate contributor Sarah Erskine shares some helpful tips to help you keep your kids safe and happy while also staying connected to your family and your community.

The piece comes at a critical time for parents and their children.

Parents and children are now the primary source of news about the nation’s health and wellness, according to the Pew Research Center.

The rise of social media has also made it easier for parents to share information and information to their kids, who can then access it in ways that are more meaningful and valuable to them.

Erschine says that in her experience, the more time parents spend together, the less time their kids spend with them.

This has led to a culture in which it’s more acceptable to talk about what’s going on in your house and in your kids’ lives with them, instead of to let them know that they need to shut the hell up and leave.

“A lot of times we get frustrated by our kids not being able to share with us, so we get so upset about it,” she says.

“We feel like we’re not doing our kids any favors, and we get angry about it.

And we have to find a way to calm ourselves down and find a good balance of time to do it, instead and not to interrupt and take the kids out of the house, because that’s what the kids do when they’re home.” 

Erskines tips for parenting, from what to say to how to keep your child safe and engaged.


Ask your kid’s parents questions You can’t always predict what’s happening in your child’s life, but you can ask some questions to get a feel for what they’re up to. 2.

Let them know you’re watching the show The most effective way to handle this is to let your kids know that you’re checking in on them.

You can also tell them to come and hang out at the park or your house.

If you want to watch TV with them while you’re away, it’s a good idea to do so while you have a break from them.


Watch TV with your kids at a time when you don’t have to 2.

Set limits and make sure you’re keeping up. 

When you have to do something, it may be helpful to say, “Hey, this is my time, and I’m not letting my kids do it without me,” Ersky says.


Let your kids ask you questions Ask your kids questions about what you’re doing, what you love, or even what you don. 


Talk about it, not tell them, Erski says. 

“There are times when you’re at home, and your kids are playing video games or having a tantrum.

Or they’re not feeling well, and you’re not there,” she said.

“You have to be open about what it’s like to be home, but when you have kids home, be a little more open about it and let them talk about it.”

Ersko’s advice for parents: Make a list of the things that you do, what’s bothering you, and the things you’re willing to take time to change.

And then you have time to get to know each other better, she says, so you can be more effective at helping them. 


Be patient Erska says that parents need to be patient.

She says parents need time to think about how they want to deal with their kids’ problems.

“It’s not a time to be angry,” she warns.

“Just be patient.”


Keep it simple “Be honest,” Eraskines advice for families.

“Keep it simple.”


Take your kids with you Erska suggests making it a family activity, but says that the key is to have some fun. 

Erika and Alex were able to have fun at the beach while their kids were at school.

“So we were able do that without interrupting our kids, and without interruptting our work,” Erika says.


Talk to them about your thoughts and feelings You need to hear what they are thinking, Erika notes.

“If you tell them that you think their behavior is wrong, it might be hard for them to say the same,” she advises. 


Don’t be a “puppy whisperer” “A puppy whispeering technique involves you showing your child that you have their best interests at heart,” Ereskines says.

When kids aren’t listening, she suggests, it can be hard to make them feel like they’re doing things right.

“This is where parents can get really good at being gentle,” she adds.

“I think it’s good to say ‘Hey, you’re a good parent.’

And then be able to let go of

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