The Rolling Stone Magazine is Dead, So Are We

By Simon EvansThe Irish Times is reporting that the UK-based publisher of Rolling Stone magazine, which was shut down in November 2015 after allegations of sexual misconduct against several of its employees surfaced, has closed its doors.

It’s a blow to Rolling Stone, which has been lauded by critics for publishing a wide range of high-profile writers, including Woody Allen, JK Rowling, and Emma Watson.

“Rolling Stone has been a beacon of courage for the women of the world,” the company’s founder and publisher, Will Dana, said in a statement to The Irish Sun.

Earlier this month, The Irish News reported that Dana had died at the age of 72.”

We will be sharing all of our thoughts and thoughts are with our readers.”

Earlier this month, The Irish News reported that Dana had died at the age of 72.

A spokesperson for Rolling Stone said the publisher was unable to comment on the matter.

However, the company was not the first to close a magazine or print fewer issues after an alleged sexual assault.

In March 2017, The New Yorker closed the magazine after the publication of a profile of disgraced actor Kevin Spacey.

The magazine has also been a victim of allegations of misconduct in recent years.

In 2016, the magazine’s editor in chief, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, was charged with conspiracy to commit libel.

In February 2017, the Guardian reported that Rolling Stone had received a threat of a $5 million lawsuit from a group calling itself the “Hate Crimes Coalition”.

The group claimed to have a “dossier” of alleged incidents of sexual harassment and assault.

Rolling Stones publisher, Rolling Stone News, is owned by the parent company of The Guardian, and the former editor of the Guardian’s website, which is owned and managed by the publisher of The Rolling Stones.

The Guardian was one of several US media outlets to publish stories alleging sexual harassment against the Rolling Stones frontman.

In April 2017, Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger was accused of groping a woman in front of thousands of his fans in the wake of a wave of sexual assault allegations.

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