‘Naked Magazine’ to go on sale in Japan for the first time on April 18th

TalkSport, the leading Japanese travel magazine, has announced that it will go on a sale in April with the magazine being sold in Japan at ¥5,800 (about US$65).

The new magazine will be distributed by Nippon Printing and Publishing Co. (NPP) in Osaka, where it will be launched at the start of April, and will be available in a wide range of markets.

The new magazine is based on the ‘Nude Magazine’ series, which features erotic manga featuring nude models.

It is scheduled to be published by NPP’s Nippan Printing and Publication Co. and will cost approximately ¥5.9 million (about $66,600).NPP plans to launch the magazine in April at a price tag of ¥5 per copy.

In addition, the magazine will have a 30-page softcover edition of 50 pages and a 500-page hardcover edition.

Nippon printing and publishing has already launched a number of manga titles in Japan.

Last month, Nippa magazine launched a series of erotic manga titled ‘Koi no Sekai’ (The World is Watching You), and also published an erotic manga called ‘Romeo and Juliet’ (Rose and the Devil).

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