Mount Everest guide, son of mountaineer, dies at 84

By KATHLEEN FELIX-JOHNSON-SHARP, Associated Press ReporterNEW YORK (AP) An American guide who made the ultimate mountain journey in 1953 died Sunday in Nepal after collapsing at his base camp, his family said.

The Mount Everest expedition team said in a statement that Chris Brown, of Fort Worth, Texas, died Sunday at the Mount Everest base camp in the Himalayas village of Mauna Loa.

His son, Chris Brown Jr., said his father was not a good leader, which was a cause of concern for him, his mother, Mary, and his four brothers.

They said Brown, who died Saturday at age 84, was “a very kind and gentle person who cared deeply for his family.”

The Mount, Everest’s highest peak, was climbed by Brown, a naturalist and adventurer who died at age 78.

He was also the brother of legendary explorer and mountaineering hero Sherpa Sherpa, and had made the first ascent of Mount Everest in 1953.

Brown was a member of the expedition team led by Sherpa in the 1953-54 season when the Everest base line broke, leaving the world’s most famous peak nearly inaccessible.

The team was forced to abandon the expedition and return to base camp.

The expedition’s base camp was later destroyed in an avalanche, and Sherpa became the first American to climb Everest.

Brown’s brother, Mike Brown, said his brother’s death is not a surprise to the Brown family.

“Chris was a true legend.

He has been a true ambassador of mountain climbing,” Mike Brown said in an interview.

“I am devastated by his loss.”

The family also said in the statement that the younger Brown, known as Chris to the family, was not an experienced mountaineerer and was not as experienced on the route to the summit.

Mike Brown said his uncle and brother were known for their extreme loyalty to the Sherpas and were respected by mountaineers who went on to become world-famous climbers.

“He never thought it was possible that they could do it, he never thought that they would succeed, he always knew that they were going to succeed,” Mike said.

“He always believed that it would be impossible.

But he was not arrogant or arrogant enough to think that it was impossible.”

The Everest Base Camp was the highest point on the mountain when Sherpa and his team reached the summit in 1953, and Brown had been assigned the summit as an aid, a role he had fulfilled throughout the 1953 expedition.

Brown was not assigned as a mountaineered guide.

The Everest base Camp was destroyed in the avalanche of 1953.

The family has not publicly released details of what caused Brown’s death, including how long he spent at the base camp or how much he died.

The family said his body was recovered by a team that included Sherpa guides and climbers.

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