Here’s how to help keep your kids safe in the world

We know that we are surrounded by scary things.

We know the people we live with and the people who live with us.

We also know that our kids are often at risk of being abused, neglected, or killed by other people.

We are often faced with difficult decisions as parents and as a society about how to protect our children.

Here are some things we can do to help prevent tragedies.

Protect your children and yourself Protect your kids from the people you love, especially those you love with the most passion.

When you find yourself in a situation where you have to protect your children, it’s important to make sure you are able to do so.

In the same way that you are more likely to protect yourself from a person you don’t know than someone you know, you should be more likely, when faced with the threat of danger, to choose someone who is less likely to harm you or you yourself.

That way, you are less likely, in your mind, to take action to protect them.

If you have a child who is a person of color, consider calling out racist comments or behavior.

If a friend has a child of color who has been targeted, ask them to stop being so sensitive.

If your child is under the age of 18, talk to them about their rights.

You can also take these steps to protect children you love from the threats they face: Talk to your child’s teacher or social worker.

Talk to them before you let them play or walk outside.

Tell them to tell their teacher and social worker about the situation.

Talk about the child’s situation with other adults.

Make sure your child knows that you understand.

Ask if you can call the police.

If they tell you no, you can go to the police and ask them what to do.

You may have to call the parent, or they may not know what to say.

Make an appointment for a police report.

You have the right to make an appointment with a police officer.

Call your school district or the police department where the child is attending to report any suspicious activity.

Call the police when you have been the victim of a crime, even if it has nothing to do with your child.

Talk with your employer and/or the parent to discuss what you can do.

This will help protect your child from being targeted by people who are not your children.

Ask for help You can find support and help from your friends, family, and community.

When your child has been the target of a violent crime, they may want to talk to someone who understands what is happening.

If it takes you to call a local shelter, call your local shelter to make a list of local shelters that offer services.

Ask them to set up a meeting to discuss ways to help.

Ask your local police department to contact you to make arrangements for an emergency call center.

Talk on the phone with your children’s teacher.

Ask their teacher about the threats your child faces and whether she has seen the police reports about the attack.

Tell her that you want to make the situation known.

Ask to talk with the police if the teacher has not responded to the calls and that you need to make contact with the teacher.

If she has, tell her that the child has called her, and that they should meet.

Ask the teacher to help you find a safe place to be safe.

If the teacher does not respond, ask the teacher’s supervisor to call 911 and report the situation to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

This may include a request to have the teacher report to the FBI.

The police report is not evidence of any crime.

If no report is made, call the local shelter or the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI.

This is the only way to have any kind of confidence that you will receive an accurate and reliable report.

Tell your child that they have the support of the police to get through the crisis.

Ask other parents if they have seen the reports.

Ask about the local police and the school district, and ask other adults to call your child if they are aware of any information they might have about a specific crime.

Make it known that you and your child are not going to stop fighting the bad guys and help them.

The longer you are silent, the longer the bad guy will continue to do bad things to your children without any consequences.

Help your child get through this crisis By telling your child they have a friend, family member, or other trusted adult who can provide support and information, they will feel more comfortable.

If their family and friends are not available, they can still be sure that they are protected.

Talk through the situation with your other family members and friends.

Ask whether there are any other resources available.

Ask others to contact your child and tell them that they can come and visit.

Ask that they tell the police about any threats or crimes they are being investigated for.

Ask all of your children to call their parent or other person who is familiar with their situation to talk about the crisis and make

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