When The President Is All Over The News, The Media Isn’t—ANDERSON COOPER 360

“When Trump’s administration is at it’s best, it’s at its worst,” wrote journalist and author Anderson Cooper.

“It’s the worst possible combination of media, partisans, and partisanship that’s made the White House, as I saw firsthand in the first 100 days of this administration, so much more difficult to navigate.”

Cooper noted that President Donald Trump, despite his own claims to the contrary, has repeatedly been caught out by the media in his own use of social media.

“When the press has done its job—which is reporting the facts and the truth—they have a real chance to get the president to change course, but the media hasn’t,” he wrote in the February 2017 issue of America magazine.

“Instead, they have been caught in a web of deceit and lies.”

The media has done a “terrible job” of reporting Trump’s actions, Cooper noted.

“And it’s only getting worse.”

Cooper cited a report published in the New York Times on Monday titled “The New York City Mayor’s Role in Trump’s Charlottesville Incident,” which cited the mayor’s involvement in the response to the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Cooper noted a letter signed by Mayor Bill de Blasio, who described his “complete commitment to the protection of our city” at the time of the rally, was also received by the Whitehouse.

De Blasio, Cooper wrote, is also responsible for the removal of the Confederate statues in New York.

“He’s the only one who knows how to deal with this crisis,” Cooper wrote.

“Trump is the one who is the ultimate hostage.”

Cooper then cited the media’s “failure to report the truth” during the administration of President Donald J. Trump, noting that there has been “no single example of an administration that’s truly responsive to the media.”

Cooper argued that the media “does a terrible job” when it comes to reporting Trump, calling it a “dangerous situation.”

“The press does a terrible deal of damage to a president,” Cooper concluded.

“The president is at the mercy of the media, which is not only biased, but also, unfortunately, dishonest.”

AARP Magazine Editor-in-Chief Katie O’Donnell agreed that the administration’s media coverage is “in some ways worse” than when the president was in office.

“In my opinion, the media coverage of President Trump has been a disaster,” O’Connell told The Daily Beast.

“Not only has he failed to respond to his critics, but he’s also done things that are just outrageous.

And he’s not even trying to cover himself or his administration.”

O’Connor noted that Trump’s media blitz during the election cycle “was a real mess” and that the president’s “media blitz is now even worse.”

“I think we’re in the worst of times,” O’tonnell said.

“We’ve had to deal in some cases with a White House that’s very hostile to the press.

The media isn’t always right, and sometimes it’s the other way around.”

AARP Editor-In-Chief Karen Gatti also said that the press “has been a real liability” in the WhiteHouse.

“I don’t know of a time when the press have done more damage than they have during the last 100 days,” Gatti said.

“[I]f the president had done his job correctly, the press would have reported on this and this would have happened.”

“They’re the most dishonest people on earth, so I think that they’re the ones who are doing this most damage,” she added.

O’Neill noted that a number of the outlets that have done most to report on the president have come under fire by the press, including CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS.

“There’s a lot of people who want to cover Trump, and they don’t have to do a great job to do it,” she said.

Cooper, meanwhile, believes the media is “doing its job” by reporting Trump “pretty well.”

“The media have a responsibility to report what Trump says,” Cooper said.

The president has “been so consistently wrong” about the press during his administration, Cooper said, “so I think the media has a duty to report that accurately and fairly.”

The AARP Editor-IN-Chief said that there is “still a lot to be learned” from the Trump administration’s “ruthless attack” on the press by calling out those who have “offended” him.

“This is a time for us to start learning from the mistakes of the past,” Cooper told TheDCNF.

“But also, I think there are a lot more important issues to address.

The fact that the government is not doing its job is an issue.

The government needs to be working on rebuilding America.”

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