How to make a sex toy with a penis

In the past few years, a plethora of sexual toys have been released with a few notable exceptions.

One such toy is the Legos toy, which has sold millions of toys since its release in 2011.

But for many, the most famous toy is probably the Taurus G3, a girthier, more durable version of the original toy.

It’s a little pricey, though, and its design has been criticized for being too masculine.

Now, the company behind the girthy, much-loved toy is coming up with a new toy that may make it seem more like a man’s toy.

In fact, this is exactly the design of the garter belt that the original model of the toy was inspired by.

The company has released a new line of toys called the Tauron, which comes with a pair of cock rings that can be worn as garter belts.

These cock rings will allow users to wear them as an accessory or as a full-on garter ring.

The new toys come with a variety of customization options including color, style, and size.

The Taurus Taurus will be available this fall in four colors: black, gray, blue, and yellow.

The first Taurus garterbelt is available now at Amazon for $69.99, but the company says it’s also working on a second model that will go for $100.

For more from Bustle, check out the video below.

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