‘Girlfriend, lover in love’: A girl and her ex in love with a man

An article by Praveen Das article By Praveena DasA girl and a man are in love.

And that’s exactly what the couple in the first chapter of a new novel in the southern living magazine “South Living” is hoping to convey.

They have lived together in their neighbourhood of Dantewada for years.

The couple’s relationship has been going on for a long time and now, a year ago, the book’s publisher said the book was about to be published.

“We are really happy that it’s about to come out,” said Anuj Kumar, managing director at the publishers’ house, which published the novel.

The story in the book is about a woman who lives in Dantec, a city of 2.5 lakh people in the south of the country.

She has been a part of her family for generations.

It is a story about a love story between a woman and a person who is not her family member.

“This is the first time that the whole family is talking about the relationship between a girl and someone else,” said Kumar.

The book is a romance, in which the woman is the love interest of the man.

He is the husband of a relative.

She is also a part-time teacher.

They live in the neighbourhood of Pune, about 60 kilometres from Mumbai.

The writer’s husband, Keshav Pratap, is an architect who works for a government-owned company.

She works in the area, too.

Kumar said the couple’s marriage has been on hold for a year.

It was finally accepted as a marriage after a long wait.

The woman is called Durga.

She does not have children.

She and the man are very happy and are having a very happy life.

The couple have been together for 10 years.

The man has a wife and a daughter.

Kavita Mishra, author of the book, said the novel is about the love story of the couple and their lives.

“She (Durga) does not know her husband is a contractor and they live separately.

She’s not sure if they’re going to marry or divorce,” said Mishra.

Mishra said the writer decided to include the relationship of the two women.

“They are a couple who are living a dream of a life together.

I have been writing about love stories all my life,” she said.

The author has also written a book about a relationship between two women called “Amara and Anjana”.

The author hopes to sell the book soon.

“I don’t know when the book will come out but we are looking forward to it,” she added.

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