What’s the secret behind the ‘surfer’ magazine obsession?

Mad magazine kid is an Australian magazine that started life in 2006 as an adult magazine, but its current name is Kid, and its latest issue, which comes out on November 10, is the first in a series of seven. 

The cover features a young surfer in a white shirt, shorts and sandals, surrounded by other young surfers in a scene from The Last Unicorn. 

In a tweet, the magazine’s director, Alex Smith, said the cover “is so out there, it’s really out of character for Kid, which has been a family-run publication for 20 years”. 

“It’s been such a long time, and it’s such a big honour for us to have it on our doorstep this year,” he said. 

“The cover is so out of place.

There’s no hint of the magazine, and so I think it’s important for the brand to capture that sense of the outdoors.” 

Smith said he didn’t have a favourite image of the cover, but said he liked it because it showed a younger version of himself in the magazine.

“It gives the sense of this young surf as a little bit more innocent, with no baggage,” he told The Australian.

The magazine’s new cover comes on the heels of the launch of Kid: Surfing Magazine, which aims to “provide a safe space for surfing and its younger audience”.

Smith described the magazine as “a place where kids and adults can connect, and the surfers, too”.

The Kid brand has grown to include the Kids’ Choice Awards, which it hosts every year.

Smith told The Sydney Morning Herald it was a chance for the magazine to “celebrate the amazing talent and talent that is emerging from our community”.

He said the magazine was also launching its first-ever Kids’ Love Awards, to help celebrate the love that is “between children and their parents”.

“We are always looking for ways to give back, and this is a way to do that,” he added.

“We want to help give our children the best possible start in life.”

 The magazine is currently running its second issue, titled Surfing for Kids, which is available in all digital formats.

This year’s issue also includes an article on the importance of exercise in kids.

It includes advice for parents on how to “get your child to sleep on the couch” in the first few weeks of life.

“The key to making sure that the right sleep is happening at the right time is to make sure that you have good exercise, but you also want to keep your kids safe,” it reads.

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