The best new Lego pieces in InStyle magazine

InStyle Magazine recently gave us their annual list of the best new pieces in Lego, and here are the most striking.

It’s hard to believe that Lego has been around so long.

The company first began selling its products to people in 1970, and in 1975 it launched the Lego Ideas program, which has since grown into a billion-dollar business.

The original Lego set, the iconic “Rube Goldberg” minifig, has been a constant companion to kids and grown-ups for the last 50 years, so it’s no surprise that Lego continues to be a big part of their lives.

But, as Lego itself puts it, “everything is bigger than the sum of its parts.”

So, with all the attention Lego gets, the company has always wanted to expand beyond the core bricks and make a more universal product.

That’s why it’s taken Lego’s iconic Rube Goldberg minifigs, such as the red-haired robot Mime, the green-eyed minifigure Bucky, and the red “Star Wars” figurine R2-D2, for example, to expand into other toys and other worlds.

It was a simple, simple decision.

The Rube, a red-headed robot that you can see on many of your Lego sets, is a familiar figure.

The red-eyed R2 is one of Lego’s most iconic figures, which, combined with the LEGO Ideas program of the 1970s, made Lego the first company to have a billion dollar business.

The Lego red-head R2 (left) and blue-eyed Mime (right) were introduced to the world in 1970 and 1970, respectively.

The blue-eared Bucky (left), who’s always been a popular toy, has also become a Lego staple.

Lego has always been interested in building more universal products, so, over the years, it has built up a global toy and theme store, which is why the company created Rube and Mime.

As a result, the Lego red Rube has become an international icon.

So, Lego started thinking about a universal product in Lego.

When they saw how much interest they had in a universal toy, they decided to make one.

They called it the Lego Universal Product Line, or UPL, and it was a new Lego toy that would be made available to every child.

The first product was the Rube-based R2, which had a very distinctive red face with a red hat, red pants, and red boots.

The second toy was the LEGO R2 D2, a green-headed Mime that had green hair, green eyes, and green boots.

Later, the R2 was re-released as a different color and with different faces.

It was called the R1.

In 1971, Lego was ready to release the first version of the UPL.

But then the company had a setback.

It decided to release a more complicated version of its Rube toy, the yellow-headed R1, as well.

This version was designed to have all of the RUBE’s original features, but also to add the greenish coloration.

The LEGO R1 D2 was a red, yellow-haired R1 minifog, with red boots and green eyes.

Then, the LEGO UPL was released in 1976, as part of the Lego Creator series.

This line was a huge hit, and LEGO’s worldwide sales reached over 100 million units.

The UPL has become the world’s most popular Lego set.

Lego continues with this line of products today, with its Red and Yellow series.

The LEGO R3.1 (left, front) and R3 (right, back) were released in 1979, 1981, and 1983, respectively, but these sets have been discontinued.

These were also the first RUBES.

The Rube was the first Lego product to use Lego’s new “open source” philosophy.

Lego used open source technology and other means to develop a lot of the parts of the set.

This meant that, while it had to use plastic, it could make use of more traditional manufacturing methods.

The idea behind this was to make the sets as open source as possible, so that the Lego team could learn from each other and create their sets.

The first version that was released, the first red-hair Rube that had yellow-eyes, was called R3-1.

But the R3 was not the first toy to use the open source philosophy.

For years, other companies, including Disney, had released versions of their toys that were made in a similar fashion, but with a clear difference: they were labeled with an “A,” while the R4 was labeled with a “B.”

The “B” was meant to reflect that the toys had been made by the same people.

So, as the Rubes came into existence, a lot more toys with similar names were released.

In 1978, Lego released the first of the red RUB

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