Tesla CEO Elon Musk ‘stunned’ by crash

Tesla CEO and Chairman Elon Musk was “stunted” by the crash in which a Taurus G2C GTVG crashed into the side of a highway in Arizona, a source told NBC News.

The G2 car, owned by the California-based automaker, came to rest at the side in a ditch on Interstate 5 near Phoenix, a Tulsa police officer said.

The driver of the car was not injured.

The car had a Tesla Supercharger in the front and a Tesla Powerwall in the back, according to police.

The GTVH was driven by the owner of the vehicle, a man identified as Justin, the officer said in a statement.

The Tulsan police officer who reported the crash said the car appeared to have lost control, striking a tree.

He did not know the owner, the Tulsacast said.

The crash occurred about 10:15 p.m.

Monday in the Arizona portion of Interstate 5, said Tulsah County Sheriff Joe Pelle.

A Taurus SUV and a Toyota Yaris were towed away by authorities, the sheriff’s office said in an email.

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