When the Meridian burst into the limelight: The early ’90s in the new magazine

A look back at the early ’70s in magazines and newsstands.

The year was 1969, and a group of American journalists and publishers decided to create their own magazine, which they dubbed “The Times.”

In the fall of that year, the group formed the Times Co., and they quickly won an international publishing contract.

In the next few years, The Times went from strength to strength, becoming the largest magazine in the world.

It would be the magazine that would launch the careers of journalists like Al Franken, Dan Rather, and Glenn Greenwald, and the magazine and newsroom that would create an era of journalism that continues to this day.

In 1972, The New York Times Co. announced that it would cease publication of its magazines and newspapers in favor of an online publication called the Times Web site.

The online publication, now known as the Times Digital, would also serve as the first digital destination for news and other information, and would include a news section that would be accessible to people all over the world at a single location.

“We were the first major news organization to use a Web-based site to deliver a broad range of news and information,” said Michael P. Coates, the Times’ executive editor at the time.

“At the time, that was a really big deal.”

The Times would become the first mainstream American news organization, with the advent of the digital era, to be a digital publisher, and in doing so, create the world’s most influential online news and opinion website, The Washington Post.

The digital era in print The digital revolution in print had come with a big challenge, and The Times faced it head on.

The paper was founded in 1875 by an Irish immigrant named James McClellan, who left behind a thriving printing business in Dublin.

But the newspaper business in the United States had been in a decline for decades, and newspapers were often run by absentee owners.

The Times needed to compete with a new generation of newspaper owners in the mid-1970s, who had found success in the business of running newspapers and magazines through online platforms like Amazon, Google, and Apple, as well as through traditional print publications.

In 1971, The Daily News purchased the New York Post, a newspaper owned by the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

But The Times was still a print newspaper, and it needed to expand.

In an effort to do that, The NY Times hired a number of outside firms to work on the redesign.

These included the consulting firm Pivot, which was hired to help with the redesign, and Deloitte, a consulting firm that was hired by the Times to help develop the design.

“There was this sense that we were the new newspaper, that we could do this,” Coates said.

“It was an exciting time to be part of the Times.”

The redesign went live in May 1973, and by the end of the year, The Post was in full operation.

The site had a layout similar to that of the Post, but with an emphasis on information, rather than advertising.

The first edition of The Times, the first printed newspaper in the U.S., had just come out.

The redesign was complete by the fall.

The redesigned paper, with its more vibrant colors and bold fonts, would be a staple of the New Times brand for the next 30 years.

The New Times’ rise and fall with the print newspaper The digital news site was the culmination of a strategy that had begun with a change of management in The Times Co.’s parent company, the Hearst Corporation, and expanded into its digital business in an effort that had been underway for a number years.

In addition to Pivot and Delositte, the team that developed The Times Digital also included John G. Riddle, who would go on to become a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, and John C. Wetherington, who became an early investor in Facebook.

The idea of bringing together the traditional print and digital news sites was something that the paper’s editors had come to expect in the media landscape, said Jack Zuckerman, a former senior editor at The Times.

“This was the beginning of the newspaper that was going to make people look back on the newspaper as an institution that was both a paper and a platform,” Zuckermansaid.

But even with the digital change in the paper, the traditional newsroom still remained a key component of the operation.

“When we started to see this transformation, we knew we had to bring the traditional paper back,” Coats said.

To do that they began to bring in outside advisers and consultants.

The company hired a team of experts to help them navigate the digital transformation.

The consultants included Pivot.

“The company went into this process with an open mind,” Zillerman said.

The consultant group, comprised of people with decades of experience in digital media, included

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