‘The Black Plague’ trailer: A black plague has gripped the world

By The Verge February 07, 2018 17:03:37If you have seen the trailer for The Black Plague, you know what this game will be like.

It’s about a black plague that infects all living things and takes them over.

The protagonist, a scientist named Lila, has been on the hunt for the culprits since the first episode, when she found a corpse in the middle of a forest.

Her quest takes her to different places, trying to get clues from different groups of scientists to figure out what the plague is and how to contain it.

The trailer makes you believe Lila is going to find out the truth about the plague and that it’s a threat to humanity.

But the more you watch the game, the more it seems like it’s going to be just like the other games the developers have made in the past.

This time around, the game’s world is an entirely different one, with new places and creatures, and a new protagonist.

We played the game on a PS4 Pro and Xbox One X and were blown away by how immersive it was.

The world looks fantastic.

The characters and environments feel organic and realistic.

I think that’s what people are going to love about this game.

Lila can walk around in this world, too.

She’s got a full set of clothing, she can walk and move in this new world.

The trailer also showcases some of the new weapons and abilities Lila will have.

It looks like she has some new weaponry to use.

It also seems like she can use some of these abilities, too, but we didn’t get to see much of it.

But that’s the fun of games: the gameplay isn’t fully developed yet, so we’ll have to wait until the game is ready to see if this trailer and the other trailers will reveal all of the weapons and new abilities.

The gameplay isn`t fully developed for The Plague, but there are some things the developers are promising.

In the trailer, we see a scientist, Lila Goulston, standing on top of a giant rock.

She then starts to run to a nearby tree, where she uses her powers to pick it up and then throws it at a nearby bird, which then flies away.

She grabs onto a tree branch and throws it, which grabs onto the tree and then slams down onto the bird, causing it to fly away.

In this clip, Lilas powers are a bit weak, so you can see that the bird can be a bit difficult to control.

However, you can get a good feel for how she controls them in the video below.

The footage shows Lila’s first encounter with the birds.

Lila is in a tree and starts to grab onto a branch, which causes it to drop and then Lila catches the branch and starts running.

The bird starts to follow Lila around.

It has a new ability that will change how it behaves when you get close.

If you have the ability to slow it down and fly over it, Lillas power can make it slow down and make it fly in a certain direction.

But the bird is still fast and can keep up with Lila.

It can also change its flight speed depending on the power it has, so it’s really tricky to catch Lila at the right time.

Lila also uses her new powers to help her catch the bird.

She uses the power of the tree to get the bird on the ground.

She throws it down into a small cave.

Lilla grabs onto it and then swings it down onto a nearby rock, which catches the bird in its jaws.

It then starts flying away.

Lilas power also allows her to fly into an area where she can grab onto trees and rocks and then swing them back and forth at the bird and it will be able to fly in the direction she wants.

When you do this, the bird will eventually stop following you.

But it’s not all just tree swinging.

LILA is also able to use her new power of flight to jump into the air and use its claws to pull itself up.

Lily also uses this power to jump over a cliff.

I’m really happy to see that Lila has some power to help get her up cliffs.

But she doesn’t seem to have the strength to fly over rocks or cliffs.

In fact, she doesn`t seem to be able at all to climb any cliffs at all.

In the clip above, Liles new power is to grab a tree with its tail.

Lilias power is also to use its wings to fly around in the air.

The birds is also capable of flying around the world, so this could be an important part of Lilas arsenal.

But in terms of the gameplay, Liliase has some abilities that don’t appear to be fully developed at this point.

In one of the clips, Lily is using her power to fly

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