Why are you wearing a MAGPUL magazine?

A new and much-discussed product from the world’s biggest gun maker, Magpul, has become a viral sensation.

But in some cases, Magps have actually made people angry.

“I don’t understand why you’re wearing a magpul magazine,” said one customer, who asked not to be named.

“They are very loud, they are very aggressive, they want you to be like a slave and a slave-driver,” said another.

A woman in Florida was outraged that Magpuls magazines would not only target women, but target her and her friends.

“It’s a terrible insult.

It’s like a weapon to be wielded against your family,” she said.

“It’s wrong.”

The magazine has sparked an angry response from many customers.

“This magazine should not be a weapon.

It is a tool to help you control the firearm,” said a customer who asked to remain anonymous.

Magpul said it has been contacted by a handful of customers who were offended by the magazines’ offensive language and imagery.

But it has also received a backlash.

A Magpuil magazine is a device for holding ammunition, magazines, and other small items.

It has become popular among gun enthusiasts because of its sleek, lightweight design.

MagPul said in a statement that its products were designed to be used safely, and that it had received numerous complaints from customers and others in response to its products.

“We are currently working to address these concerns, and have removed some of the offending images and videos,” the company said.

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