“New Jersey man says he has the perfect storm of life and health problems to have a baby”

A man in New Jersey has claimed he has what it takes to have children.

Michael O’Hara told ABC News that he has a genetic disorder called autosomal recessive a disorder which means he inherits two copies of a gene that affects the way he responds to certain diseases.

O’HARA’S CASE Michael O’Hallara, 48, told ABC affiliate WNBC he is one of thousands of people with the rare genetic disorder known as autosomal dominant a disorder.

He said he is in a perfect storm to have kids.

O”I don’t have any medical problems.

I don’t need any medication, and I’m healthy and active.

My life is just perfect,” he said.

O`Hallara said his wife and he have two children.

He has a daughter with a genetic condition called hemophilia and a son with a condition called Down syndrome.

O”I just feel I need to have the right genes to have this genetic condition, and there are just two possibilities that I have it, one is my daughter is going to have Down syndrome and one is that she is going in a different direction.

I can’t have either one of those.

O’ Hallara said he was diagnosed with the genetic disorder at a young age and is now in remission.OLLINGER’S FAMILY SAYS THEY HAD TO DISCLOSE THE CASE OF O’HEARNAN, WHO DIED OF A SERIOUS COVID-19 COVID OVERCOOKED CHILDREN IN NEW JERSEY source ABC News article Ollinger’s family told ABC-10 that they had to disclose the death to the media in order to protect O’Leary’s children.

Ollinger said the family is very upset about the media story.

He called it a tragedy for our family.

“Our family is devastated.

It is such a tragedy,” Ollerson said.

The family’s attorney said they will pursue legal action.

Ollers’ wife, Heather Ollner, said the media should have told the family their story before publication.

“I think the media would be more concerned about the privacy of the parents, the privacy and safety of the children and the health of the family, and so forth,” O’Brien said.

“We just want to make sure the world knows the truth about what happened,” OLLINGERS’ WIFE said.

“We are devastated and devastated.”

Ollner said her husband’s family and O’Learns family are trying to find out what happened to Ollensen.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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