How to get your book reviewed in the industry

How to write a book review: Getting a review in the genre of science fiction and fantasy (science fiction and non-fiction).

The authors are on a mission to help writers, authors, and fans of all genres get a positive review in this medium.

The goal is to create an environment where reviewers can get paid to do their job.

In order to accomplish this, we have a number of criteria for reviews that must be met: 1.

A review must be on the web.

No physical copies of the book can be submitted.


The reviewer must be a real person and not a robot.


The review must not be a fake.

For more information on the review process, please see our FAQs.


The author must be familiar with the genre and its readership.

This should be something that the author knows about, or something they have worked with.


The reviews must be in English.


A link to the review must appear in the text of the review.


The title of the article must be “Science Fiction and Fantasy” or a similar title.

This is because we want reviewers to be able to easily find reviews of the novel that are similar to theirs.


There must be at least one other review.


The publisher must make the review available to all reviewers at the same time.


The book must have been published in the last year.


The reviewers must have written at least five reviews for the book.

The authors will have the final say on whether the book is reviewed.

The process will be transparent and accessible.

The publishers are committed to providing our reviewers with the highest possible standards.

Read more about our review process.

Read our FAQ to learn more.

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