How to get a FREE subscription to medical journals

FREE magazines subscription to journals like The Lancet, Science, Nature, Nature Neuroscience, PLoS One and others. 

If you’re already subscribed to a major publication you can still use your subscription for free.

You can also find other subscription options, including e-reader subscriptions and audiobook subscriptions, here.

There are several ways you can get a free magazine subscription.


Buy the book, e-book, or audio book subscription to get it for free from the company.

For example, if you own an eBook subscription you can download the book free, or buy the audiobook, for $0.99 (or more).


Pay the publisher’s subscription fee (e.g. $2 for an e-reader subscription) or a fee for a subscription to the audiobooks.


Pay for an audiobook.


Pay online for a digital copy of the book or audiobook and then pay for the audio version.


Pay with your bank card or credit card, or use Paypal to make payments.


Pay by credit card.


You can buy a free subscription with your PayPal account.


You may also be able to use an affiliate program, where you can earn points to support your site and your site’s content.


Find the most popular magazines for a specific keyword, e.g., science, medicine, etc. 10.

Use a tool like The Daily Dot to find magazines that contain a specific term.


Make a selection by typing in the keyword and then hit “Select.”


Click the menu to the left and select “Edit” to change the list.


You should see a list of all the magazines and a bar at the top to the right.


You’ll be asked to select which magazines you want to subscribe to, and you’ll then be taken to a page with a pop-up.


Select the magazines you like and click the Subscribe button to get your free subscription.

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