‘This was an amazing gift’ for mother-of-two as she shares story of her son’s death

A woman who has spent her life raising three boys and counting has shared her story of what a life spent with her children would be like.

Samantha Houghton, who is currently raising her eldest son Dylan and daughter-in-law, Sarah, from birth, told the ABC that the Christmas gifts she received in the mail were “absolutely amazing”.

“The first thing I did was open the envelope and it was a wonderful box with all the presents,” she said.

“I opened the package and I just burst into tears and then I had to look at the box because I couldn’t stop crying.”

The Christmas presents are incredible, especially the Christmas card and a big gift bag.

You just can’t put a price on it.

“The two eldest sons Dylan and Sarah, both 19, live with their mum in Wivenhoe, in the Northern Territory.

Dylan’s grandmother had lived in Wattleboro for nearly a decade, while Sarah’s mum was employed in the NT’s regional town of Wattlebrook.

The family lives on a $500 a week salary, and are receiving $5,000 per year for the privilege of keeping up with their family.”

We are very lucky that we have all these wonderful things, like Christmas cards, Christmas gifts, and a huge box of cereal,” Mrs Houghtons said.”

Christmas is always a special time for us and it’s really special for our boys, especially Dylan, so we really appreciate all of the gifts we’ve been given.

“I’m so thankful for everything we have, and the support from my children has been so incredible.”

She said her son had “absolutely no regrets” about having two sons and she felt a “huge sense of relief” when she heard he was being released from hospital on December 15.

“He would just be the happiest man on earth if we could all just have a Christmas,” she told the broadcaster.

“It would mean the world to me to have the boys home and all of our children home.”‘

This is what I dreamed about’Sarah Houghons son Dylan died at the age of 10 after contracting pneumonia.

“Dylan was such a loving, caring and loving little boy, he was such an inspiration to me,” she added.

She said Dylan had been diagnosed with pneumonia on October 15.

The family said Dylan was “absolutely devastated” by the news, and her eldest, aged three, was in the intensive care unit for three weeks.

“My son has been a big part of our family and he has had such a big impact on our lives,” she explained.

Sarah’s daughter Sarah was also a foster carer for Dylan’s older siblings, who she said were “super supportive” of their mother’s efforts to raise their son.

“Sarah was so very grateful for all the support we’ve had from all of my kids, and our family,” Mrs Kewley said.

“We have had some great support, so thank you very much for that.”

Sarah has been “overwhelmed” by support from her “very special and wonderful” sons.

“They’ve done everything for us,” she recalled.

“And they’re so happy and they’ve got a great life and everything is going really well.

They’re so excited, they’re really happy.”

She also thanked “my amazing husband” and “my wonderful daughters”.

“My beautiful children, and my beautiful husband, I’m so so grateful for everything they’ve done for us, and for me.”

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