What the New York Times, TIME, and Newsweek Cover Boys Life Magazine Cover Says About the Sexualization of Boys

A new cover for Time magazine is bringing attention to a longstanding and longstanding issue: boys who go to school in the boys’ locker room.

The cover, which was first published in March, shows a boy dressed in a tuxedo, holding a sign reading “I’m a Boy!” while a young girl sits with her back to him and an older man.

The sign reads: “When boys and girls are in the locker room together, they’re more likely to have sexual experiences with each other.

When boys and women are separated, it’s less likely.”

In other words, if boys are in a group together and girls aren’t, it means girls are less likely to be sexualized.

“This is something that needs to be said by everyone,” said Dana G. Brown, director of the Center for Youth and Media at Georgetown University.

“When we think about sexual assault, it seems like we’re not thinking about the experiences of the men who are there.”

The cover comes as the White House, and the National Organization for Women (NOW), are launching a national effort to address the issue of sexual harassment in schools.

The new campaign will focus on schools, colleges, and universities, Brown said.

According to NOW, a majority of sexual assault victims are women and, according to a report released last week by the organization, the majority of female victims of sexual violence experience physical violence.

Brown said that means more young people are being targeted and victimized in schools and colleges.

The newly released cover for TIME has caused controversy, too.

The cover shows a man in a cowboy hat with a rifle in his hand.

The magazine describes the cover as a “feminist statement,” which is a term coined in the 1970s by the lesbian activist Susan Brownmiller to describe the idea that women’s liberation is not a political position but rather a biological one.

“We are seeing a lot of men in the media and in the halls of power in this country who are speaking out about sexual harassment, but they’re not speaking out to the many, many young women who are sexually assaulted by their peers,” Brownmuster said.

“There is a disconnect between what’s happening and the reality of what happens,” Brown said, “and that needs addressing.”

In a statement, TIME said that the cover reflects “the reality of the world today.””TIME Magazine is dedicated to inspiring people around the world to look and talk as they do.

We are proud of the work we do in this space, which includes a dedicated team of editors and writers who cover topics ranging from global politics to global health, from science to entertainment to art.

We’re proud of our diversity of viewpoints and diverse audiences, as well as our strong editorial support for diversity in all forms of media,” the magazine said.

Time did not immediately respond to a request for comment from ABC News.

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